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  • Gran Meliá Hotels & Resorts
  • Me by Meliá
  • Paradisus Resorts
  • Meliá Hotels & Resorts
  • Innside by Meliá
  • Tryp
  • Sol hotels

More than 100 Hotels and Resorts in international business and leisure enclaves, Meliá Hotels & Resorts represents the passion of Meliá Hotels International and stands out for its ideal combination of design and service. You are the journey.

Brand attributes

  • Passion for service

    Our service culture ir the defining attribute of our brand that evokes the passion for everything we do and we are.

    • Sense os welcome.
    • Sense of connection.
    • Sense of surprise.
    • Identified and written service passions.
    • Emotional connection with the guest through all the senses.
    • Bespoke service with guaranteed hospitality standards.
  • The Level

    A unique experience.

    Feeling special is easy when every detail is created just for you.
    The Level is a hotel within exclusive rooms and personalized service that will make your stay a truly unique experience.

    From the exclusive welcome and check-in in the private lounge, we will surprise you with exquisite culinary delights during the day, an open bar with international drinks and a variety of snacks, a complimentary internet connection, courtesy access to meeting facilities, magazines and newspapers, satellite TV and comfortable areas where you can sit back, rest and relax.
    Enjoy VIP treatment from The Level staff, for anything you might want or need during your stay.

    "At The Level, leaving is the hardest"

  • Gastronomy and culinary experiences

    You don't need to leave the hotel to eat in the best restaurant in town.

    Whether it’s fusion cooking with an oriental touch, designer tapas or the best traditional and international specialities, any choice is exquisite. The atmosphere at night is always a sophisticated one.

    "At Meliá everything on offer is exquisite."

  • Power Meetings & Events

    We make sure that everything that has to be right turns out perfectly.

    Meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology and garden areas adapted for evening banquets.
    Celebrate an unforgettable moment with the help of our professionals; revitalizing rests, PA system, personalized meeting rooms.

    Celebrate a spectacular event reception, a gala dinner, a power meeting or the most important yearly event.

    “Making business a pleasure”

  • Spa & Welness

    The hotel is an oasis of wellbeing where time has no limits.

    • YHI SPA brand at Resort properties.
    • Ayurvedic Therapies.
    • Signature Style Bar Concept for Urban Hotels.
    • Personalised treatments for men.
    • Gathering women favourite rituals.
    • Massage & Body rituals menu.
    • Water rituals including sauna, Turkish bath and circuits.
    • 24hrs access to Fitness Center.

    "Taking care of your health is a pleasant experience with Meliá"

  • Energy for life activities

    The upgraded activities menu gathers infinitive leisure possibilities.

    • Inspired by brand´s philosophy Life Management.
    • Interactive and social workshops.
    • Health appointed day energy.
    • Creating night flow by the energy of arts.
    • Activities and services designed for kids.
    • Professional activities concierge and trainers.
    • TV Training program in room.
    • Gym with innovative and fully equipped facilities.

    "Activities that will transform your stay into a unique experience"

Feeder Markets/ Guest Nationalities:
Nationalities Percentage
Data 2015
Spain 17%
United Kingdom 10%
United States 10%
Germany 7%
Brazil 5%
France 4%
Argentina 4%
Italy 3%
Russian Federation 3%
Others 34%
Segmentation per brand:
Brand Percentage
Data 2015
Individual 45%

Competitive set:

  • Westin
  • Le Meridien
  • Hilton
  • Marriot
  • Hyatt
  • Sheraton
  • Pullman

Combining traditional luxury with avant-garde style, Gran Meliá has designed a first-class series of hotels and resorts to satisfy even the most discerning travellers.

Brand attributes

      • RedGlove Service

        RedGlove Service is the service culture behind the Gran Meliá brand. As such, it is an often unspoken presence in the context of the guest experience. However, the RedGlove Service story is central to any description of the brand, in brochures, on websites and in brand videos. The Gran Meliá employee delivers a heartfelt greeting to each guest, by name. The RedGlove greeting, an open hand placed across the heart, is derived from the tradition of Flamenco. It represents the fan, as a symbol of our Spanish heritage. R.E.D. (Real Exceptional Differences) is the very heart of the Gran Meliá brand and everything it stands for. It is the cornerstone of the brand and the main driver of the Gran Meliá experience. Combining timeless standards with a flair for the avant-garde, over 100 scripted service rituals connect the individual to the moment, the memory, and the brand. The presence of dedicated RedGlove Service positions further distinguishes the concept as truly unique within the hotel industry.

        Lady in Red

        In each main lobby, guests are greeted by a beautiful woman, tastefully dressed in red. She serves as the guest’s first encounter with the culture of RedGlove.

      • RedLevel

        A boutique hotel within the hotel.

        RedLevel guests enjoy special amenities and the dedicated assistance of a personal butler, access to a private lounge offering VIP check-in/checkout services and premium rooms and suites with upgraded amenities and services (i.e. complimentary Wi-Fi, cordless phones, espresso machines, ten-piece amenity package, etc.).

        At resorts, the RedLevel experience also features private pool areas.

      • Architecture at its finest

        Gran Meliá’s portfolio of properties includes fine examples of architecture traditions ranging from the neoclassical to the contemporary. All are noteworthy and embody the notion of “timeless luxury with an avant-garde flair”.

      • Spa by Clarins

        Exclusive, expert, unrivalled.

        Gran Meliá features the world-renowned Clarins Spa and My Blend for unforgettable beauty and wellbeing. From ultra-luxury relaxation areas, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, saunas and treatment rooms to personal trainer and hairdresser services, it’s the ultimate in pampering for the mind, body and spirit.

      • In-room experience

        Luxury rooms, suites and private villas with elegant design and decorated with exquisite taste.
        Equipped with a full range of facilities and exclusive services to ensure that guests enjoy a unique and relaxing stay Magnificent CLARINS PARIS® amenities.

      • Dine

        Glorious gastronomy

        Dining is a cornerstone of Gran Meliá. Michellin star chefs like Alfonso Iaccarino and top Mixologists such as Javier De Las Muelas create innovative cocktails and cuisine that embrace local culture to delight our epicurean guests. Prepared with passion, every course at our signature restaurants is a thing to be savoured.

      • RedGlove Meetings & Events

        Perfection is always on the agenda with RedGlove Meetings & Events. From unforgettable weddings to milestone meetings and rewarding incentive gatherings, all your most important events get a head start on success the instant you decide to host them at Gran Meliá. Our professional event planners are CMP certified with the Convention Industry Council.

Feeder Markets/ Guest Nationalities:
Nationalities Percentage
Data 2015
United Kingdom 16%
United States 16%
Puerto Rico 5%
Germany 4%
Japan 2%
Others 27%
Segmentation per brand:
Brand Percentage
Data 2015
Individual LEISURE 30%
Individual BUSINESS 43%

Competitive set:

  • Four Seasons
  • St. Regis
  • Park Hyatt
  • JW Marriott
  • Intercontinental
  • Westin

ME hotels are meticulously created with contemporary guests in mind. They are aimed at guests who see travel not just as a journey but as an extension of their life experience. These people see their life, travel and business activities as a seamless part of life's journey; they welcome new experiences and feel at home wherever they go, and therefore expect to be welcomed. For contemporary resorts and urban hotels in the global capitals of culture and cool, look no further than ME by Meliá. It Becomes You.

Brand attributes

  • The Aura

    The Aura is the essence of ME. As the brand’s main attribute and unique concept, it encompasses the total experience of ME.

    The EMOTIONAL CONNECTION between the GUEST, the MOMENT & the BRAND is where the Aura is born. The emotional connection is the result of a common psychographic or worldwide view, shared by the clientele & the staff. ME is the embodiment of that worldview, designed to inspire, invoke & ignite a unique energy in every hotel.

  • Driven by the psychographic

    Instead of treating customers as part of a larger group, psychographic analysis views each one as an individual. It starts with information on their social attitudes and values—how they think. Segmentation based on psychographics is a significantly more powerful tool to target out customers. ME guests have their own personalities and attitudes towards life. They:

    1. Like to engage & discover rather than escape.
    2. Feel at home wherever they go.
    3. Are passionate about their work & incorporate it into every part of their life.
    4. Are open-minded, stylish & worldly.
    5. Are seen as trend-setters among their peers.
    6. Highly appreciate original art, design, international cuisine & world music.
    7. Appreciate recognition & seek out experiences that provide it.
    8. Place a premium on quality, innovation & authenticity.
  • The aura manager

    In order to ensure that the ME = YOU philosophy becomes a reality, we have created a special position: the AURA MANAGER. Our

    AM orchestrates the tone of every public and private space at ME, encouraging interaction on all levels: professional, social and personal.

    The AM is a physical representation of the brand & and the Aura itself, ensuring that the essence of ME is OMNIPRESENT.

    The AM personalises experiences & exceeds expectations by anticipating and understanding the guest’s wants, needs & desires.

  • Me = You

    ME for You is at the very heart of each of the hotels. Receiving and coordinating all client enquiries, requests and complaints, channeling them accordingly to ensure that they are dealt with in a professional, ethical and legal manner, our staff understand every guests need.

    This individual approach is the energy that breathes life into the Aura of ME. At its heart is the fundamental ethos of the brand’s acclaimed service culture: Integral to the Aura of ME is the common psychographic between guest and staff. More than just a clever maxim, ME = You is a formula for intuitive guest service that is distinctly, intrinsically, ME. The team members are encouraged to foster a discreet complicity with each guest, resulting in a service that anticipates needs and exceeds expectations every time.

  • Desirable technology

    Experience a selection of unique benefits for guests staying in suites which created an unparalleled guest experience:

    1. Private in suite check-in/out.
    2. 24-hour dedicated personal service from our Aura Team.
    3. Welcome amenity.
    4. Audio entertainment system with guests’ favourite pre-selected music.
    5. Play Station/Nintendo Wii with games of the guest’s choice.
    6. Complimentary premium wireless internet.
    7. Packing/unpacking services.
    8. Complimentary pressing.
    9. Personalised pool/beach experience.
    10. Priority at outlets, bars & special events.
    11. Complimentary in-room bar set up (SuiteME).
    12. Complimentary breakfast delivered to room.
    13. Complimentary pet amenity for those traveling with pet pooches.
    14. Complimentary personal events planner to arrange in suite social gatherings.
    15. Personalised sundown service.
  • Ying & Yang

    Ying: The sincere side of ME. A place to relax. A place to reconnect. A place to work.

    Yang: The high energy side of ME. A place to party. A place to engage. A place to socialize.

  • Art & Design

    Through inspiring design, ME challenges perceptions even as it reaffirms them, rewarding curiosity with sensory fulfillment through art & design.

  • ME Music

    Music forms an essential part of the sensory architecture of the Aura. It is a trigger of emotions, an influence of senses and the key to creating experience. Sound is an emotional tool to connect with our guests at every moment, and is carefully selected via the BPM rule by the in-house DJ and Aura Manager to accompany specific moments of the day.

    ME bonds with You through the sensory experience we build, creating in an emotional union with You during every stay. The environment is a key factor that determines the music genre and volume played in ME hotels. Rather than adapting the environment to the music, we adapt the music to the demand from the environment. Music has always been a key pillar of the brand and plays an important role in the guest experience at ME. Now our collaboration with 4AM and the world renowned DJS Jus-Ske, allows us to create a unique sound for each hotel around the world.

  • Social epicenter

    Indulge ME. An enviable family of brand partners make ME the place to be and be seen for guests and local trend setters looking to dine, lounge and party.

  • Pet friendly

    ME welcomes you and those you love the most. The pet friendly hotel package offers tail wagging treats for your pet:

    1. Complimentary Pre-arrival form to understand your dog’s preferences.
    2. Welcome kit that includes shampoo, perfume, playball, mini towel and teeth cleanser.
    3. Menu of doggy food, specially prepared by chefs.
  • Skin C

    In perfect harmony with the individual spirit of ME by Meliá, Skin Inc offers supplement bar in our facilities with concentrated, personalized, quick, efficient skincare.
    Discover SKIN C in MADRID, MALLORCA, IBIZA, and in future, ME MIAMI.

Feeder Markets/ Guest Nationalities:
Nationalities Percentage
Data 2015
United States 26%
United Kingdom 15%
Spain 8%
Germany 5%
Others 20%
Segmentation per brand:
Brand Percentage
Data 2015
Individual LEISURE 35%
Individual BUSINESS 38%
Groups 12%

Competitive set:

  • W
  • Morgans
  • Andaz

Come to share the most luxury all-inclusive resort experience in the world, which offers world-class cuisine, spectacular YHI Spas and personalised service that will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed on your holiday.

Brand attributes

  • Royal Service

    Royal Service is not just a service; it’s a philosophy. Conceived as Paradisus’ most intimate and exclusive VIP experience, Royal Service provides distinguished guests with their own private butler who extends personal attention and an unwavering focus on preferential service and privacy.

  • Family Concierge

    Family Concierge is a special enclave for families. At its heart is the best experience of all—pure freedom for both kids and parents. Kids do their thing while fully supervised and adults are free to relax and roam; they join together at their pleasure.

  • Romance

    Our Romance team is expertly trained to create lovely parties of all sizes, from a small family affair to the blow-out destination wedding of someone’s biggest dreams.

  • YHI Spa

    YHI SPA is created for purification and relaxation. The entire space vibrates at a level that leads to harmony. Our guests simply go with the flow.

  • Life-enriching activities

    Travel stimulates the senses like nothing else, opening eyes, minds, hearts and palates minds to other cultures, food and traditions. Paradisus brings the guest and the locality together to create memorable experiences.

  • Five star dining

    Paradisus Resorts has partnered with 7-star Michelin Chef Martin Berasategui to bring his signature cuisine to the brand. An innovator of Basque cuisine, Chef Berasategui is known for the use of molecular gastronomy and fresh seafood in his cuisine, which is light, extremely imaginative and crafted with masterful technique.

Feeder Markets/ Guest Nationalities:
Nationalities Percentage
Data 2015
United States 42%
Canada 8%
Argentina 3%
Venezuela 3%
Others 18%
Segmentation per brand:
Brand Percentage
Data 2015
Individual LEISURE 16%
Individual BUSINESS 14%
Groups 21%

Competitive set:

  • Sandals
  • Grand Velas
  • Beaches
  • Secrets
  • Hyatt Zilara / Ziva
  • Dreams
  • Palace
  • Hard Rock

Each INNSIDE hotel has its own unique architectural personality, elegant rooms and modern bars and restaurants. INNSIDE hotels by Meliá represent a fresh and sophisticated choice for business travelers seeking a lifestyle touch.

Brand attributes

  • Urban lifestyle for smart professional travellers

    For those travelling on business, INNSIDE is a pioneering brand in offering a lifestyle experience designed especially for them.

    With an open lobby concept with integrated bar and restaurant, we make it easy for guests to interact with other Innsiders.

    • Communal working tables with multi-functional sockets.
    • After-work entertainment is an everyday occurance, with resident Djs and cool mixology and cocktails.
    • Lighting architecture with dimmers in public areas.
    • Wellness area: gyms covering an area of 107 sqm with integrated Sauna and relaxation area.
  • Stylish cuisine & mixilogy

    During the day, places to work, eat well, rest, relax or work late over a pleasant meal.
    At night the vibe changes and the energy grows with the sensorial architecture atmosphere.

    • Unique Food & Beverage concepts.
    • Bars, restaurants and lounges that become the hotel energy focal point.
    • Specific business lunch programs.
    • Good quality, affordable and quick service.
    • Coffee breaks, breakfast, lunch and banquet menus.
    • Different light and music experience for day and night.
  • Unlimited soft drinks & wi-fi

    At INNSIDE hotels unlimited FREE WI-FI in rooms and public areas and soft drinks are included at no cost. Guests can savour a variety of fruit juices and soft drinks as well as water in their in-room minibar.

  • Signature bathrooms

    Innovation is a constant challenge. We are pioneers in offering a concept of design, with integrated open bathroom with cool glass shower box.

  • Efficiency & Quality

    The Innside “Made in Germany” brand exports the world-renowned values of EFFICIENCY and QUALITY.

    • A versatile and cross-functional team with excellent decision-making skills.
    • A fresh and flexible service to suit any guest request.
    • Quality is rerflected in the infrastructure, furnishings, design and constructions standards.
  • The INNSIDE touch

    Delivering the INNSIDE Touch, delivering our culture.

    The INNSIDE Touch is our main attribute delivered every day by every member of our team. It is the INNSIDE by Meliá service culture and describes the behaviours we expect from ourselves and each other, regardless of position or title, or whether we are connecting with a customer or fellow team member.

  • Creative Meetings & Events

    Adaptable meeting rooms of different sizes, to ensure meetings and events flexibility.

    • Average 400 sqm of meeting space.
    • Easy coffee break set-up within the meeting room.
    • Relevant technology, built in projectors, Wi-Fi internet.
    • Sound system and large screens.
    • In room natural light.
    • Sustainable approach to meeting programs.
Feeder Markets/ Guest Nationalities:
Nationalities Percentage
Data 2015
Germany 56%
United Kingdom 8%
United States 3%
Switzerland 3%
Netherlands 2%
Austria 2%
Others 13%
Segmentation by brand:
Brand Percentage
Data 2015
Individual LEISURE 26%
Groups 23%
Individual BUSINESS 48%

Competitive set:

  • Pullman
  • Radisson Blue
  • AC
  • Indigo
  • Aloft
  • Citizen M
  • Room Mate

At TRYP by Wyndham, the city belongs to you. TRYP by Wyndham, welcomes the life-loving globetrotter in some of the world’s most attractive and cultural hotspots, including Barcelona, Berlin, NeW York, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Sao Paulo and many more... Own the city.

Brand attributes

  • Own the city

    Our guests keep coming back because we’re city experts. Own the City is our brand culture, and the defining attribute of the brand, brought to life by our main motto:
    We’re passionate about the city, and we’re passionate about you. We call our staff members TRYP Ambassadors, and give them access to extensive knowledge of their city. This expertise translates into more engagement before and after check out, a more memorable stay, and loyal guests for life.

  • Central plaza

    The architecture of our hotels is designed to create comfortable, inviting and sensorial active spaces. A relaxed and casual design encourages guests to hang out and interact in our iconic Central Plaza.

  • Free wi-fi

    In all TRYP hotels the internet connection is totally free for guests and supplied by means of a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

    Perfect both for people travelling on business or anyone who is coming to enjoy the experience of the city and wishes to stay connected with the world.

  • 24/7 Fitness centre

    Our fitness room provides a modern, fully-equipped gym with high-end treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike. The best way to start or end the day.

  • Premium breakfast

    The European lifestyle revolves around food. We know it, and we like it. So, we’re doing our best to share that with our guests.

    Gear up for a day in the city with our signature breakfast buffet… Plenty of healthy fare, some hearty treats, all prepared to look and taste amazing.

  • Rooms just for you

    We have four different comfortable room types to suit our guests, whether they’re on holiday or burning the midnight oil. Exercise in the privacy of your own bedroom, with our rooms for sporty types. Enjoy a few extra luxuries in our high-end rooms, take the kids on holiday and stay in our family rooms, or travel with a whole gang of friends. Whatever you need, we take care of it for you.

  • Meetings and Events: Be successful

    When your clients stay with us, the hotel won’t just double as their company headquarters, but our people will become their most loyal temporary workforce.

    • Signature coffee breaks.
    • Working lunches.
    • Public relations.
    • Secretarial services.
    • Themed events.
Feeder Markets/ Guest Nationalities:
Nationalities Percentage
Data 2015
Spain 33%
Brazil 13%
Germany 12%
United Kingdom 7%
Unites States 4%
France 3%
Italy 3%
Argentina 3%
Netherlands 1%
Others 20%
Segmentation per brand:
Brand Percentage
Data 2015
Individual LEISURE 28%
Individual BUSINESS 40%
Groups 14%

Competitive set:

  • Indigo
  • Aloft
  • NH Hotels
  • AC by Marriott
  • Hayatt Place
  • Four Points by Sheraton
  • Novotel Hotels
  • Hilton Garden Inns
  • Courtyard by Marriott
  • Mercure

Hotels and resorts besides the beach in the main tourist destinations of the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, South East Asia and the Caribbean. Fresh holidays: from family hotels to Adult Only experiences.

Brand attributes

  • Signature pool concepts

    The pool is the heart of the Sol Hotel. Apart from total relaxation and sunbathing, the pool also represents exercise, entertainment and enjoyment. Special children pools or dedicated areas are a must in our family hotels

  • Best locations within destinations

    These sustainability resorts are found in privileged, mainly beach front, locations. They offer simple and modern style, with fresh sensorial experiences, delivered through our Service Program.

  • A guest experience driven by entertainment

    Sol Hotels & Resorts programs cover everything from total relaxation and memorable experiences to endless fun, family adventures and late-night parties.

  • Full food & drinks offer

    Our team of expert chefs have developed a diverse choice of delicious culinary options. Guests at Sol Hotels & Resorts enjoy the following:

    • A choice between B&B or full board.
    • A range of Mediterranean and International cuisine.
    • Natural and organic menus.
    • Gluten free options.
    • Vegetable and herb gardens.
    • 24-hour drink packs.
    • Room and pool drink delivery.
    • Fresh and tempting cocktails.
    • Food portions for groups and drinks to share
Feeder Markets/ Guest Nationalities:
Nationalities Percentage
Data 2015
United Kingdom 25%
Spain 12%
Germany 8%
Italy 8%
Austria 4%
Others 26%
Segmentation per brand:
Brand Percentage
Data 2015
Individual LEISURE 25%
Individual BUSINESS 5%

Competitive set:

  • Iberostar
  • Riu
  • H10
  • Barceló
  • Fiesta
  • Radisson Blu
  • Double Tree by Hilton
  • Mercure
  • Four Points by Sheraton
  • Rotana