Sales, Marketing and Distribution

Every year, Meliá Hotels International generates more than 25% of its sales through its own sales channels, including the Call Centre, the loyalty scheme and the website.

The income generated by these distribution channels is not the product of luck but rather significant groundwork which is firmly based on new technologies and customer knowledge. It is precisely this knowledge that helps us to offer each customer the brand, product and service which best suits their needs, thus optimising their purchase needs.

How does this knowledge contribute to improve the profitability of our partners?

Through a structure based on four interrelated areas that complement one another.


Meet the new sales model Meliá Hotels International

A regional model with global reach.

Distribution channels

Meet MHI Distribution channels

The strength of our own booking channels.

Revenue Management

Know more about Revenue Management

Optimising the balance between supply and demand.

Meliá Rewards

Access to Meliá Rewards, fidelity program of MHI

Our customers.