Why choose meliá hotels international?

Meliá Hotels International is...

  • the world’s largest resort hotel company in the world
  • the 17th-largest hotel company in the world
  • the 3rd-largest hotel company in Europe
  • the largest hotel company in Spain

Throughout its 60-year history, Meliá Hotels International has been firmly committed to international development. This has enabled it to position itself as the leading hotel company in Spain with presence in key international markets such as China, the Persian Gulf and the United States, and to maintain its leadership in traditional markets such as Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our consolidated know-how means that we can offer a comprehensive service based on excellence, quality and good service through a portfolio of solid, consistent brands which not only offer our guests unique experiences but also generate clear value for hotel proprietors to optimise their investment.

Meliá Hotels International is a friendly, accessible company where employees provide a personalised service to investors/promoters to define the hotel product which best fits each project. Meliá Hotels International offers the necessary services - from the most basic conceptualization of the design, through to the definition of operational, commercial and sales strategy - to position the asset at the most profitable end of the scale.

Development process

Our experience of over 60 years in hotel management speaks for itself. During this time, Meliá Hotels International has known how to combine the needs of its proprietors and investors in a common strategy for growth. Accordingly, your alliance with our company will lay the foundations for a lasting, personalised relationship for the exploitation of your hotel through our brands and with the support of our structure. To get started: Contact us.

Each of our Development Directors is an expert in their respective market and will be able to best advise you on selecting your brand and type of partnership. They will be responsible for guiding you through the process to develop the ideal strategy for your hotel project at every phase.

Send us information on your project and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Contract types

Our strategy is to continue with our development model, using formulas which are low in capital intensity: mainly management and rental.

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